How to Use Clickfunnels to Sell Your Products Online


The traditional method of selling products online has been to set up a website, create an opt-in page, gather email addresses and then using auto-responders try and convert leads. While this is works, it is often inefficient – it takes time and unless one is an established online seller the odds of converting leads are low. Clickfunnels has changed all that. It is a revolutionary new tool that helps you create a marketing funnel all in one place. You now have the ability to capture the customer and gradually lead them through a series of steps until you can make them a sale.

The secret of Clickfunnels is that you start users off at a very low commitment level and the over time, show them how much more value you have to offer. By the time they come to the end of the funnel they are convinced that your product can be of use to them and they are prepared to buy. You no longer have to wait for months, sending out emails and hoping that leads decide to buy.

You start by offering something of value to users for free. It can be something as simple as an ebook or a video that offers useful information. It allows them to become familiar with your brand without paying anything at all. As they go through the funnel you offer them more and more until at last, when you unveil your product they are ready to buy. Clickfunnels has been tried and found to have a very high level of success. Here is how you can make it work for you:


  • Start by signing up for the 14 day Free Trial. This allows you to become familiar with the software and determine whether it will work for your online business. You will get website hosting, landing page software, email auto-responder software, split testing software and lots more.
  • Next comes a tutorial, and because the guy who made Clickfunnels understands that many people do not bother with tutorials but rather try and unravel a product for themselves, he “bribes” you into watching this one by offering you a ready-made email funnel and a #FunnelHacker t-shirt. This is smart on his part – he gets publicity and promotes his own brand. There re 4 emails and they are worth watching – they will save you lots of time when you get down to using the product.
  • Now it is time to create your first marketing funnel. There are 3 funnels that you can choose from, but since your principal goal is to sell products click on the one says the same. If offers you the opportunity to sell products through different funnels. You can also create a custom funnel. The next step will take you to a landing page where you can craft marketing content for your product. The pages are very well designed so you will not have to think about web design. There are a variety of templates that you can choose from. You can also create a landing page and an email opt-in to help you build an email list. You also have the opportunity to offer them a magnet – the valuable nugget that will get them into the sales funnel. You have the opportunity to provide different offers that users can choose from.


Clickfunnels is all about maximizing profits by making it easy to acquire leads – you can have your funnel set up in an hour or two for less than $100, instead of paying a web designer and waiting for days. It shows the customer your value proposition right away making it easier for them to make a buy decision.